Sunday, August 06, 2006


HUMANS!! so difficult, to figure out where we stand -- or what we really are. It's nice to believe (and it might also be true) that we are really nice deep down. you know, all the good and happy stuff, are really what we're made off. Then again, there is also that lingering thought (which might also turn out to be the case) that humans -- that's us -- are really NASTY, NASTY creatures. that we are capable of every evil we can conceive. not much of a leap in imagination to arrive at that -- we invented evil, after all.

It's true! if humans, homo sapiens, were never here on this planet, all the other species would never have the guts to invent the concept of evil. And a traveler from another world, where the concept of evil as we know it exists, would not have found it here in this planet had we, homo sapiens, never existed.

AND so here we are. back to the question. We know from experience and past events that our species is capable of the greatest good and the darkest evil. The question is: Which aspect of our selves is more incipient?


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