Thursday, August 17, 2006


oh yeah, that's the answer to a growing number of problems caused by IDIOTS.
by IDIOTS, i mean stupid criminals, incompetent employees, truant school children, almost anybody who causes problems simply because they are genetically predisposed to cause trouble.
and by corporal punishment, i mean whipping in the ass using a really, really big stick, preferrably hardwood or fire-hardened bamboo.
why would this work? because IDIOTS only respond to the most basic of biological instincts, of which avoiding pain is one of them. corporal punishment, or inflicting pain, may not work for everyone but it sure will work better than the pussy methods that modern "enlightened" thinkers have suggested and are being implemented now.
i say forget trying to be lenient to these people and hope that being nice to them will somehow reform them. i say whip them hard and whip them fast.
prisons today are so nice, much nicer than where some of these morons came from, that criminals almost want to get into them voluntarily. i say everytime you get out of line, you get a kick-ass whipping.
schools today are so tolerant and powerless against problem students, a majority of which are borderline retarded (the problem students). so instead of detention, i say a couple of dozen whacks with a fire-hardened bamboo. detentions are for pussies.


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