Wednesday, February 04, 2009


ice in the arctic has melted enough so that the ice cap is now effectively an island. but that's a good thing. now, ships can travel through what was before ice-blocked seas and save thousands of miles in travel time.
so what if some polar bears drown due to disappearing ice? with all the money we save from less travel time, we can breed more polar bears.

plus who gives a serious crap about polar bears anyway? i betcha, most of the vegan-nature-lover-greenpeacer hypocrites would rather have their organically-produced tofu (shipped from Japan) arrive a day early than save a polar bear from drowning in the arctic.

fucking hypocrites.

anyway, there's also news that land-based ice is also melting. guess what? the people in the largest land-based ice melt (greenland) are happy about it! and they have good reason to be happy; who wouldn't trade a land buried in ice over a land where one can actually see the soil, and possibly even plant something.
ah, but the fucking environmentalists say the seas will rise once the land-based ice starts to melt.

ok, here's a fact: if the ENTIRE greenland ice or the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) were to melt, global sea level will rise 7 meters. both hold about 500,000 cubic miles (2.2 million cubic kilometers) of ice. now, it's practically impossible for the entire greenland ice sheet to melt, unless we're hit with a ginormous meteor, in which case we're all fucked anyway. but even if it does happen, 7 meters is not too bad.

sure... some polar bears might drown, as well as the entire maldives, but worse shit can and has happened compared to a rise in sea levels of 7 meters.

what's really irritating is that the fucking environmentalists and that ex-vice president dude keep on blaming our precious right to pump carbon as the cause of global warming, ice-melting, sea level rise, and drowning of polar bears. those morons don't have any credible research to back their preposterous assertions, but they just love to hear themselves talk.

fucking morons.

here's a thought, from ACTUAL scientific research: from 18,000 years ago until now, the sea level has risen 130 meters (now that's deep shit), but the rise in sea level from 1870 onwards is (surprise!) 195 MILLIMETERS. for the environmentalist morons, 195 mm = 0.195 meters. 0.195 meters of increase for more than a hundred years of human-initiated carbon emissions? WTF?

oh yes, there's probably a whole lot of those carbon-emitting SUVs on the planet before 1870!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, I think you're the fucking moron.

Should I believe 98% of the world's top scientists or a silly whining little tit such as yourself writing the dumbest, dullest blog in history? Think I'll go with the scientists.

Enjoy your fantasy life in your climate change is a myth bubble. Twat.

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:49 AM  
Anonymous global warming my ass said...

my my, i thought the alarmists, with all their science and AGW theories, are rational bunch. yet here they are drooling mad. show some scientific evidence-based refutation instead of making stupid comments, y'all

8:54 PM  

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