Thursday, February 05, 2009

hot, cold, or or drowning?

Northern America and Europe is experiencing one of the worst winters in recent history while parts of the southern hemisphere are experiencing droughts and record high temperatures. At the same time, island nations in the South Pacific are slowly drowning.

I bet a horde of environmentalist fanatics are viewing this as a sign from the almighty that anthropogenic global warming (AGW) will soon spell our doom.

Well, if all the climatologists in the world, with all their superfantastic supercomputers and climate models, can't predict the climate in the next year or two, I would bet my last dollar that they can't predict the climate in the next 50 years either.

AGW believers claim that their models show a catastrophic effect if global temperatures rise more than a few degrees. And yet how can we trust their models when those same models can't even predict next year's average temperatures accurately?

Climate is a dynamic system and very sensitive to minute changes --
for all we know, a ginormous comet is already heading our way and will hit us 3 months from now, changing climate significantly as well as killing us all -- so how can these doomsayers be so confident to proclaim that the Earth is inevitably moving to a warmer future?

As for me, I embrace the uncertainty of the future. Nobody knows anything about the future, no matter how all-knowing some claim to be. That's why I'll just sit back, resume watching TV, and increase my carbon footprint to cool/warm my ass in this scorching/freezing weather.


Blogger Jenai said...

I am in Canada at the moment which is cold and snowy but my Mum back in England says the weather has been pretty bad over there too lately.

5:44 PM  
Blogger Nilz said...

I have a strange winter here at Kolkata. It has all along been modest but this year it is an almost invisible winter!

7:23 PM  

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