Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the business of predicting the unpredictable

it's sad. and futile. and so fuckingly irresistible.
will i get rich? will my career be great 10 years from now? will my city be underwater within my lifetime?

that's why so many people do it, or attempt to do it -- even in the face of certain failure.
feng shui has the answer. so do tarot card experts. or financial analysts.

what's worse, an even larger number of people believe, or wish to believe, those whack-jobs.
yes, yes, please let my horoscope be true. my financial manager says so, so who am i to argue. it's in the stars, i'll win the lottery tomorrow.

it takes two to tango, huh? well, it also takes two to depict human stupidity.


OpenID feyoh said...

i read palms but i can't see what numbers will come out in the lottery

3:21 AM  
OpenID feyoh said...

and i didn't inherit my "powers" from a great great grandmother who was hit by a lightning and survived. Reading palms is actually an interesting study into the human psyche, and the nails do tell of certain health issues; the hands have so much to tell about a person, and they have nothing to do with one becoming rich or landing a job within five months because the line of the heart crosses with the line of Luna and Apollo is parallel to the mound of Neil Armstrong.

3:30 AM  

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