Thursday, April 09, 2009


the navies of rich western countries and even richer arab countries are having trouble with pirates off the east African coast.

what the FUCK is going on?!?

these somali bozos are illiterate bunch of morons, with IQ and equipment comparable to stone-age Neanderthals.
the navies are equipped with radar, thermal imaging, satellite navigation, and weaponry than can blow us all to kingdom come, for goodness sake.

the shipping companies and their governments should just set aside their "political correctness" and Geneva Conventions for a while and EXTERMINATE these bunch of illiterate nuisance! i'd rather have a dozen pirates BLOWN to smithereens than have my imported gasoline rise 1 cent due to the cost of the ransoms being paid.

if the western governments are such a bunch of SISSIES to be squeamish about killing people, their navies can simply sink the boat and let the pirates swim 300 kilometers to the nearest shore.

that way, they're not technically killing them. it wouldn't be their fault if these Neanderthals drown after swimming just 2 kilometers, or were eaten by sharks while pathetically treading in the Indian Ocean.


Anonymous joy said...

Sadly, the world does not work that way anymore :( but I LOVE pirates! Well, the Johnny Depp's version, anyway LOL

7:43 AM  

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