Tuesday, February 22, 2011


(annual odds, arranged from most unlikely)

Death due to a meteor landing on your house: 1 in 182 trillion

Death due to a car accident after winning a Texas Lotto jackpot: 1 in 480 billion

Death due to fireworks: 1 in 55 million

Death due to ignition or melting of nightwear: 1 in 30.6 million

Death due to being confined to or trapped in a low-oxygen environment (not including drowning): 1 in 18.3 million

Death due to shark attack: 1 in one in 11.5 million

Death due to foreign body entering through skin or natural orifice: 1 in 7.65 million

Accidental death while warming up your car in your garage (carbon monoxide poisoning): 1 in 1.45 million

Death due to inhalation of gastric contents: 1 in 720,696

Accidental death due to poisoning by and exposure to antiepileptic, sedative-hypnotic, antiparkinsonism, and psychotropic drugs: 1 in 391,060

and finally...

Being wrongly declared dead as a result of a data entry error by the US Social Security Department staff: 1 out of 23,483


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that last one is hilarious

5:18 PM  

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