Wednesday, September 13, 2006


the hatemonger, glenn beck, proudly declared during the 9/11 anniversary that this generation is the "greatest generation" and implying that the current generation is even more united than the one who won the greatest war in the planet.

is he out of his mind?!
i say, this is the pansy generation!

think about it:
it's loosing a war against a few ill-equiped, ill-trained, ill-advised fanatics despite the fact that it is the only superpower in the world, with enough firepower to send us all to kingdom come three times over.

now don't tell me the most committed wins. that's crap. during the warsaw revolt, no other group could have been more motivated than the polish resistance (you'd be pretty motivated if you and your people are facing extermination), and yet the Nazis wiped them out in less than a month. it is NOT the most committed who wins, it is the one with the biggest stick provided one is not too pansy to use it.
in all categories, we HAVE the biggest stick. in fact, our stick is bigger than all other sticks combined. but what do we do? we condemn putting terrorists in "noisy" cells because we call it torture. isn't that pathetically gay? we should be pulling the fingernails off these fanatics!
we appease terrorist states led by insane perverts by asking them to negotiate. we should be nuking them off the face of the planet, or at least send in assassins and cut off their balls.

greatest generation, my ass! the only worthwhile accomplishment this generation had was that it invented the internet.

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