Sunday, October 21, 2007


What the fuck is going on? Dumbledore is GAY?! Let us think this over -- a fictional character has just been revealed to have come out of the closet, and the story is pasted all over the news network.

Why all the attention?

I say it's because most of you people are homophobes! Or if not openly homophobic, at least very uncomfortably squirmy over gay people, gay topics, gay hidden desires, and all that gay stuff lurking in the deep recesses of your minds.

Do you think that if the revelation was that Harry has only one testicle, it would have got as much media attention? I don't think so.

I bet from now on, every time you see Dumbledore and Harry alone together in the films, there would invariably be gay thoughts running in your minds. Little "what if" scenarios would be dancing in your not-so-sub conscious. And I bet quite a few will squirm, although they would then pretend like hell as if things are still as they are before the revelation.

Fucking homophobes. If you hate, or are uncomfortable with, gays, at least have the courage to show it openly. There's nothing wrong with being uncomfortable with gays, but there is a lot of fucked-up shit in being hypocritical about the topic.

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